Three building technologies to watch

Three building technologies to watch

It is no secret that technology is revolutionising every facet of modern-day life. The building industry, constantly updated with the latest technology, is just one such example.

Technology in the building industry comes with inventing innovative new ways of construction. While the building industry’s changing future is primarily unknown, a few construction technology trends pave the way for specific futuristic building technologies.

So, what can we certainly expect the future to hold for building? Here’s three innovative construction technologies of the future for you to get a gander at.

Smart Roads

Smart streets are also called smart highways, which are the future of transportation and demand using detectors and IoT technologies to make driving safer and more economical. They give drivers real-time traffic information (congestion and parking availability, for example) and weather conditions. This innovative technology can create electricity, charging electric vehicles on the go and street lights.

Smart Bricks

Smart bricks are modular linking bricks and are very similar to ‘Lego.’ Made from high strength concrete and developed by Kite Bricks, smart bricks are versatile. They include substantial thermal energy management and a reduction in construction costs. Since they are modularly designed, they are simple to join and have space for insulation, plumbing and electricity.

Vertical Cities

Vertical cities may soon become a reality as the planet’s population grows and land progressively becomes rare. They’re Tetris-like buildings of towers for tens of thousands of people to occupy. Supporting a thriving community, vertical cities are a space-saving remedy to conserve land for food, production and nature.

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